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Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail - A CT Greenway
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Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail - A CT Greenway



Designed by Fay, Spofford & Thorndike                             
Construction by Schultz Corp. Terryville CT

Construction of the 1.3 mile linear trail alongside the Quinnipiac River in the City of Meriden was completed in 2006 and  celebrated with a Grand Opening on November 3, 2007. This paved trail has as its Grand Entrance, two brownstone columns located in Lionís Club Park at the handicapped parking area on Oregon Road at Red Bridge. General parking is available and is accessible by sidewalk from the Dossin Beach parking area alongside Hanover Pond on Oregon Road. Additional parking may be found at the gravel parking lot on Finch Avenue at the Cheshire town line. The trail sits on the railroad bed of the Meriden, Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad (circa 1890ís) and provides several scenic viewing areas along the Quinnipiac River below, with informational kiosks (details of which may be found on this website) installed at some of these areas.


'A visit to the trail, considered by some to be the best in the Northeast, will be memorable and leave you with awe and wonder. You will marvel at the gorge and riverís natural beauty and imposing sights. One visit and you will return often'.


The Gorge Trail is a ten-foot wide asphalt multi-use trail with the use of motorized vehicles prohibited. The paved trail has been constructed to adhere to A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for handicapped accessibility. Wood rail fencing and signage, warning of possible rock slides, were installed along sections of the trail near the steep slope to the River for the safety of trail users.

   'Whether you walk, jog, ride, or glide, a day of  fascination, enjoyment and pleasure await your arrival on each visit. Rest at one of the educational and informative kiosk areas. Be alert and you may spot an eagle, deer, or other wild life. Read about the history and geology of the trail, as well as the railroad bed on which it sits'. 

    In addition to the trail construction, the City of Meriden and the Inland Fisheries Division of the CT DEP entered into a cooperative effort to enhance habitat in the Quinnipiac River. These enhancements involved the construction of two rock vanes along the Quinnipiac River bank. These structures create thermal refuges, which are critical for trout during the summer months when river water increases above optimum temperatures for their survival.


'Recently, additional plantings of a variety of native trees, shrubs, plants and flowers have been added to the trail landscape. This Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Program will ensure seasonal food and cover for songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies along the trail, as well as adding beauty and splendor to the already ďVermont LikeĒ vistas. Donít wait. Schedule a visit to the trail today where surprises and enjoyment abound '




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